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Entertainment in Arbatax - Sardinia

If you love the beach and the sea, admiring the crystal-clear water, walking on white sand, and enjoying natural landscapes, then Sardinia is the perfect destination for you. The island is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and offers its visitors the chance to enjoy a unique holiday that they'll remember for a lifetime.

Coastal towns with picturesque colourful houses, cobbled promenades that will draw you in, and the perfect combination of the beach and the mountains. The island can offer you all of this, and much more. In addition, visiting Sardinia is synonymous with enjoying an exquisite cuisine, and discovering and sampling authentic local dishes.

Local gastronomy

An exquisite proposal

Another of the attractions that lures visitors in is, without a doubt, the exquisite Sardinian cuisine. If there is one thing that defines Sardinia, it's the effort the island has made to maintain its artisanal, local, and traditional culture, preserved with joy and passion. All this has also been passed on to the most typical Sardinian dishes that stand out for using organic products from the region. You can also visit farms that make and sell their own pecorino sheep's cheese, artisan breads, or typical Sardinian fresh pasta such as culurgiònes and malloreddus.


Hundreds of km to travel on foot

Sardinia is the perfect island for those who love the beach and sea, as its location in the heart of the Mediterranean offers exclusive views. But it's also ideal for those people who love to get lost in the mountains, as the wild landscape has been preserved with many lush forests and virgin areas to explore. The island boasts the 'European Grand Canyon', with has rock walls of up to 400 metres. For hiking and climbing enthusiasts, there are many famous routes to enjoy here.


Authentic Sardinian culture

Another of the most attractive and striking things about the Italian island are its picturesque towns. Bosa, located on the west coast, is considered to be one of the most beautiful, thanks to its original houses painted in light colours set on a hillside that culminates in the area's castle. There are also many others, with beautiful original facades that will take you on a journey through the authentic Sardinian culture.

Sardinian beaches


One of the biggest attractions of the island of Sardinia, and the reason why many people visit it, are its wonderful beaches. You can find heavenly beaches with fine white sand, bathed by the turquoise and crystal-clear sea, and you can explore beautiful rocky coves that offer unique landscapes. If you come to Sardinia, don't hesitate to explore its most remote and beautiful beaches.